Why Anti-Abortion Laws In the USA Are Gaining Opposition

Why Anti-Abortion Laws In the USA Are Gaining Opposition



Anti-abortion laws in the USA are gaining more opposition than support. From public figures to common people, the opposition is getting bigger. But what about it is making people reject it?


There was an independent poll released in January 2019. It found that 73% of Americans wants a safe and legal abortion. They believe that abortion should be given to “most” or “all” cases of pregnancies.

This speaks the truth that women wanted to have a say with what they do to their body.

Two Sides Of The Story

When it comes to abortion, there are two sides to the story. There’s the side that speaks about moral and perhaps even religious ethics. And then there’s the side of the affected person.


Moral and religious sides would often argue that abortion is a sin. It’s practically murder as you’re ending a sprouting life. For many religion, especially Catholicism, abortion is one of the biggest sins.


But the opposition – which surprisingly includes more women than men – has a different say. They believe that women should be able to decide on their bodies. Abortion may be required for several cases.


First off, those who are unable to carry a pregnancy for the risk of dying. Then there are people who were raped and victims of incest.

Getting Abortion

Legal abortion takes place during the first trimester of the pregnant woman. It’s also safe and administered by a healthcare professional. This takes place in a safe and clean place to ensure the woman is safe.


But even before anti-abortion laws passed, it’s already hard to get an abortion in the US. The number of clinics that offer safe abortion is scarce. Plus, discrimination exists and people of color find it harder to get an abortion.


Those with low incomes can’t also access this type of healthcare in many states.

Anti-Abortion Laws

The bills have passed. It’s a near-total abortion ban in various states of the US. Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, Georgia, and more states have passed anti-abortion laws. Most states have exceptions.


But it only includes health risks. There’s nothing for victims of rape and incest. For lawmakers, this side is irrelevant.


This is the biggest flaw of the law for the opposition. Victims should be given a choice since they were deprived of it in the first place. Banning abortion and giving them no access to this sector of healthcare is trapping them.

Effects Of The Law

The negative effects of the anti-abortion laws are already taking place. The laws have rattled the psyche of women making them feel more trapped than ever. There are already teenagers who are seeking emergency contraception pills in case they get raped.


Anti-abortion laws ban abortion even for teenagers even with parental consent. There will be a higher rate of unwanted pregnancy. And it’s whether they’ve consented to have sex or not.


Additionally, the law will only endanger women. These laws won’t entirely stop abortion – only the safe and legal ways to get them. With the ban, more women will have to find other ways to get an abortion.


The choices are slim. Each one is more dangerous than the next.


With no access to a safer procedure, women will have no other choice but to risk their lives.


We may all have different opinions about abortion. But we should always be more open-minded about the situation of women who opt for one. There are many essays, articles, and opinions that tackle the situation.


Most of these essays were created by women and healthcare officials. Know the benefits of safe and legal abortion. Through that, we’ll know why the anti-abortion laws are getting rejected.

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