Latest fiscal highlights show Conservative plan keeping Canada on track

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today pointed to the latest report essay on the Conservative Government’s fiscal performance this year as even more proof that steady Conservative leadership is keeping Canada’s economy strong and growing during a period of global economic uncertainty.

Earlier today, the Department of Finance, in its monthly Fiscal Monitor, reported that the Conservative Government had registered a surplus of $1.7 billion for July 2008.  At a time when the world economy has been facing its greatest turmoil in decades, the Government has now accumulated a combined surplus of $2.9 billion for the first four months of this current fiscal year.

“Thanks to our prudent budgeting and the resilience of Canada’s economy we are ahead of schedule – ahead of our Budget 2008 forecast to post a modest surplus at the end of this year,” the Prime Minister said. “Ahead of plan in keeping our spending focused, our budget balanced and our taxes down to protect the living standards of Canadian families at a time of global economic uncertainty.”

This stands in stark contrast to other G7 countries that are running deficits, raising taxes and struggling to cope with unfunded liabilities.

“At this time of global economic uncertainty, it is a plan that Canadians need,” Harper said. “At a time when the Liberals, NDP and Greens offer only massive tax and spend schemes, only the Conservative Party has a plan, a plan Canada needs, a plan Canadians deserve.

“And between now and October 14, Canadians will be able to choose that plan.  They can choose a strong government to keep Canada on track. Or they can choose a weak Parliament that will put our economic stability at risk.”

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