How to Get Jobs on Upwork in 7 Days (with No Experience)

How to Get Jobs on Upwork in 7 Days (with No Experience)



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How to Get Jobs on Upwork in 7 Days (with No Experience)

Getting a potential client to take a chance on you when you’re brand new to freelancing can be a tough sell and I have known many freelancers to give up after a few months of not being able to find clients.

Upwork is very useful because it handles payments, disputes and they even have employees who can recommend how to get jobs on Upwork by applying based on your skills in your profile. For this service, Upwork takes a 20% fee until the client has spent over $10,000 with you, where the fee then decreases to 10%.

Just like the other popular site Fiverr, there are many talented freelancers on Upwork, so the competition is high and it can be difficult to know how to get jobs on Upwork as a new freelancer. However, once you win a job and do good work, it opens up more opportunities than you may have thought was possible.

On Upwork, I have worked with small family businesses and major corporations that own football stadiums. Never in my life would I have thought this would have been possible, but by using the tips below I was able to work with some amazing companies while I learned how to get jobs on Upwork.

How to Apply for Federal Jobs

How to Apply for Federal Jobs

Some job announcements may only be posted for three or four days, the posting might receive dozens, or even hundreds, of applications. Competition for federal jobs is stiff so if there is a job you are fully qualified for, it is important to begin applying for federal jobs immediately.

How to Apply section on USAJOBS details the exact procedure that must be followed to apply for the role? It is important to read this section very carefully and be prepared to respond to each section completely and accurately.

Target your federal resum e to the job announcement. If you want to make it past the initial brief review, your federal cover letter and resum e must clearly match your qualifications to the ones listed in the announcement.

Once your resum e and required documents are uploaded to USAJOBS, the system will then redirect you to the agency online application system. Here, you will complete agency-specific steps, such as providing personal information and additional documentation, answering eligibility questions and completing the occupational questionnaire.

After your application is submitted, you can then return to USAJOBS and check the Application section of your account to verify that your application was received. It might take several hours for the system to update, so if you don’t see “received” in the application status field, check back in several hours.

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Check Out Your Federal Application Status

Those applications earning the “best qualified”, and sometimes the “highly qualified”, designations will have the application status changed to “referred”. The remaining applications will have the status changed to “not referred”. Referred status can take from 1 to 5 month . So it’s better to call/email the hiring manager within a few weeks to clarify a USAJOBS application status.

If you were not referred this time, it does not mean that there will not be future opportunities for you. Keep checking for other opportunities that may be more appropriate to your work and life experiences.

You may consider working in government by going a different route. Some government agencies hire interns. An internship can help you to strengthen your current resume and offer you new experiences. These new experiences can be used to equip you for more government positions as well as private sector jobs.

There are local, state, and federal agencies that offer internship positions. USJOBS website has listings for internship opportunities. The website lists opportunities by city and state. There are many other websites giving advice on how to apply for government job.

This seems like a lot of work and can be very frustrating, but the time you take to search for these opportunities is time well spent. When it feels overwhelming, try visualizing yourself in that perfect job.

Government Job Interview Process

Government Job Interview Process

For those applicants that are referred, the hiring committee conducts another more thorough review. From here, some applicants will be contacted directly to schedule a panel, in-person, video or phone interview. Typically, only one round of interviews takes place although certain positions may require multiple rounds.

Unlike civilian positions, government job inter view process are highly structured with all questions directly related to the specific job role. All candidates are asked the exact same questions following the same order. There is typically little to no room to deviate from these questions to expand on an answer, so inter viewees must be certain that their answers genuinely and accurately reflect their qualifications and skills.

In general, most interviews, whether in-person or via the phone or video, last between half an hour to one hour. Once the interview process ends, candidates most likely to be offered the position will have references checked.

Demonstrate how you added value to your previous employers. Federal employers want to be confident that their employees will be efficient, profitable, complete projects under budget and in general add value to the team and company.

Why is it So Hard to Get a Federal Government Job?

Raymond Limon, Senior Executive Human Capital Director, said recruiting managers and human resources staff have the same targets, to hire the most talented people and fill the required positions. But these two groups of employees don’t collaborate with each other.


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